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Our Story

Villapharma Research S.L. was formed in 2003

as an independent and privately owned company.

It was born with a clear mission: to provide the global biopharmaceutical industry with unique and high-value collections of molecules based on novel scaffolds that can be ultimately develop into new patentable medicines.

With our state of the art facilities, our main area of expertise is focused on the rapid, parallel synthesis of unique collections of organic molecules with potential therapeutic interest and in the synthesis of new and advanced versatile building-blocks for cornbichern programs.

As steadily growing company, Villapharrna Research S.L. already holds a large and interesting portfolio of privileged core structures from which we produce our libraries. Our production technology is based on rapid parallel synthesis by using specially designed versatile workstations. These platforms allow us to an efficient synthesis of both, solid supports and in solution, thus covering a wide range of different chemistries. Our strengths rely on a highly dedicated team of experienced chemists and on the uses of cutting-edge strategies and technologies capable to give a rapid and efficient answer to the needs of our customers.

In addition collaboration with several well-known research groups in academia allow us to constantly incorporate new chemistries into our portfolio.