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Mission of Villapharma Research

During the last decades “DRUG DISCOVERY” has become an extremely complex process in which more teams of many dfferent scientists from all kind of disciplines are strongly involved. They are playing together independently forming a multidisciplinary team-like the fingers of a human hand-coordinating all dfferent stages of the drug discovery paradigm.

Moreover, the drive towards more cost effective, innovative drugs and development speed towards market introduction has changed the strategies of the pharmaceutical industry dramatically. One of these strategies in early discovery phase being the growing outsourcing trend for high value chemical services which need to complement In house expertise.

Villapharma Research’s mission is becoming a key player in this field by offering its clients these services and is therefore strongly committed:

– In the design, synthesis and delivery of unique collections of organic, compounds based on novel and patentable scaffolds for library enrichment, hit discovery and lead optimisation.

– For partnering together with in house expertised medchem teams in the field of contract synthesis based on proprietary high value chemical projects.

Villapharma Research, due to its Internal expertise, state of the art scientific equipment, high value staff of chemists and unique geographical location is a very competitive, cost effective player In this field.

If you feel that we could contribute to your own efforts by integrating our own services into your projects and working scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

Dr. José Manuel Villalgordo

Research Manager and CEO – Villapharma Research