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Dinamismo y flexibilidad

Dinamismo y Flexibilidad. Equipos Experimentados de Químicos.

La estructura plana de nuestra compañía nos permite seguir un enfoque flexible, adaptándose a las necesidades de nuestros socios en cada etapa del proyecto.

This flexibility and dynamism imparted by our chemistry teams to the ongoing projects are key factors to assure timely and

efficient answers to its successful accomplishments.

Our skilled chemistry teams are well-practised in managing and driving the development of the projects and are able to integrate and complement our partner’s teams. This combination of attitude and quality underpinned by the used of cutting-edge technologies can assure the delivery of quality work.

Collaborations with renowned academic research groups give us access to an ever wider range of existing and developing

chemistries and chemical methodologies. This core of expertise is utilised to build Villapharma’s position as an important player in the complex drug discovery area by providing new and unique collections of drug-like organic molecules with potential therapeutic interest .

The front wave in the drug discovery process.